Excerpts from the book Yoga Affect: A Primer for a Beautiful Life


"My Personal Story


...I experimented with processes, procedures, tips, and attitudes that increased the likelihood of the phenomenon I refer to as "The Yoga Affect"—an expansive mental state.  With time, practice, and teaching, the Yoga Affect occurred more often and lasted longer until it stayed with me—or at least within reach. 


I began to see my nature and deep-seated characteristics.  My habits, biases, and inclinations for repetitive thoughts now held the key to living in beauty and grace.  Love, forgiveness, understanding and harmony poured over me with each experience.  Feelings of self-hatred and denial from my past fell away.  My perspective became more balanced, realistic, and sensible.  Life became a work of art—without expectation or judgment. "



"Founded in The Mystery of Science


... While researching the effectiveness of yoga, I discovered what happened during my first Yoga Affect experience back in college. Recent research identifies unconscious neural networks of the brain that are influenced by yoga practices. Although not accessible from our working memory their effect on physical health and mental wellness can be seen using MRI technology. Regardless of whether we understand the neurological processes or not we still benefit from its techniques. I cited this research not only because it offers proof but to open the door to people who otherwise discount yoga as a cult or new age mumbo-jumbo."





The process of opening and accessing the higher consciousness referred to as transformation has a profound effect on our nature.  Wisdom recognized from the open state of Yoga Affect is specific to each person and is different as night and day.  Scientists or scholars receive inspiration in their work; artists try new mediums and addicts are released from the bondage of addiction.  ...


Illumination is more than enlightenment of mind.  It is the connection between all elements of the being: physical, mind, body, and soul.  Even one person's advancement caused by illumination affects the universal consciousness.  

Furthermore, one person's illumination can affect the health and wellbeing of the entire planet—as in "pay it forward" or "charitable acts of kindness".  What one does at this point can change lives and sometimes the course of the world—and it happens bit by bit."




© 2016 Sandra Zuidema