Excerpts from the journal: YOGA AFFECT: A Guided Journal

"First Session: Mind Dump...


after completing the section on creating a sacred space, I reflected on what I might find important. Hurt feelings, judgments of missed opportunities and regrets in personal choices came to mind. I presumed I was prepared, but as I waited for the day an air of importance and anticipation grew. I was amazed after first addressing my previous thoughts that my mind turned away from all of that. As I scribbled down my past, I shifted to thoughts beyond memory, emotion and sensation. Like driving down a road, passing through life, I looked first in the rear-view mirror and then side-to-side. Ultimately focused onward I remained cognizant of everything around me. The final written sentence composed by one distinct voice spoke clear and unfiltered. Awake and aware, clues to my life purpose began to appear ..."

"The Journey Continues

... where you are, not where you think you are.  Genetic makeup, family, culture, and experiences create the matrix comprising our nature. Our identity and perspective consisting of layers of opinions, judgments, and convictions may hide reality. That is our journey—to see beyond ourselves."​





© 2016 Sandra Zuidema