While spring cleaning, use an active meditation to build positive dynamic energy for your living spa

These six steps dynamically expand your spirit by spreading your abundance to others.

You can have a beautiful home and open space that welcomes light.

Spring is nature's opportunity for seeking renewal. This spirit of rebirth echoes in many religious and cultural celebrations across the planet, from Easter and Passover to Spring festivals. These influences lead to the individual thinking about the need to be free from attachments. It also calls out for a better connection with the planet and one's being.

With signs of springtime all around us, cleaning and revitalizing appear on our to-do-list. This annual inspiration to bring in daylight and fresh air into our spaces are never again so powerful as they are right now.

Letting it pass by, misses a valuable opportunity. Moreover, the manner and approach in which we work can present an added benefit. For instance, if indifference exists or there is a sense of entitlement or hoarding, negative energy may spread. Even putting it off to deal with later on or hiring helpers creates more negativity than existed before decluttering. Depriving yourself of the advantages from mindful-experiences, letting go, or gifting to others does not bring the same results as doing it yourself.

Find the time.

Invest in your sacred space.

Open yourself to new ways of being and new energy.

It is a significant stalemate when we refuse to declutter. That keeps us stuck in another twelve months of negative energy, confusion, or stagnation. Before you know it, the closets are stuffed. What is worse, we spend endless hours managing, sorting and storing old and new baubles, gadgets and playthings. When living in stagnation, there is no freedom to learn, relax, write, or dream. Nothing will improve--unless you take action.

It is best to prepare oneself by becoming cognizant of the necessity to let go of unnecessary clutter. Then by using mindful steps, you can proceed.

By engaging in this single measure, you can open your eyes to your state of stagnation as you hold on to clutter.

To Jump-start creativity, drive, and peace and to also bring purpose and intention to what would ordinarily be a tedious chore, follow these steps. It will contribute to vitality in your presence which prevails throughout the season.


Realize the home is a continuation of our energy-body. Just like in our minds, openness brings capacity for creativity. Obstacles block flow, in dimensions of mind and matter. Therefore, clutter holds us back from living passionately and harmoniously.

By thinning out attachments, we move to a place where we stand available to be original and unique each day. Then, distinct approaches will readily flow forward. Filled with inspiration, we take action. If we look at collections as hoarding or old feelings that already served their purpose, their grip begins to loosen. Being conscious of our need to "grasp for meaning" is a crucial first step of letting go.

Once we accept the truth that history does not provide inspiration nor love, we set to work.

Our mission: to lay open our living spaces offering an environment for renewal and personal growth.


Active or moving meditation enhances decluttering. It is a thoughtful way of improving our life. Using this approach, we yield to reflective-effective energies that swirl around us as we go through the process rather than feelings of loss or stagnation.

Use this checklist for a successful spring cleaning.

  • Ritualize the work by setting aside a special day and hour(s).

  • Prepare for it: collect the necessary equipment such as cartons, tape, markers, bags and cleaning supplies.

  • Create an quiet environment where you can assess the productiveness of your intention. This is a one man job, don't invite friends.

  • Music, fresh air, and natural light set the mood.

  • Free your mind with exercise, yoga breathing exercise, or going on a stroll before you start.

  • Meditation: Just before you begin, meditate about how releasing objects that do not help you will bring joy to others. Envision open spaces for positive qualities in your living areas. Let your spirit be your guide. You may be surprised what you release.

Note: If you are married or living with someone, never remove their items. You can pass this blog post along with identifying the areas which seem cluttered or stagnate to help them get started. If this doesn't' work get a divorce or kick them out (just kidding).


Evaluate the qualities of each piece you come into contact. Pick up the subject and examine it carefully. Judge its value. Then look at the area without the subject. Next, place it in the appropriate box; sort as you work. Progressing this way reduces your connection with the object. The object is now prepared to be removed. Seal the box and deliver it when finished--don't second guess yourself.

Tip: Name the departure containers, clearly identifying the destination (women's shelter, charity, sell on eBay, etc.). That eliminates an extra step later. In fact, giving a new purpose for your discarded item brings a sense of enjoyment by offering your possession to somebody else.

Although we valued these possessions in the past, we soon realize that their absence presents a more accessible energy than the item itself. This potentiality brings a connection to universal consciousness. In other words, our ability to fulfill our purpose can be cut off by our preoccupation with tangible goods. Remember, you have the memory, there is no reason for having proof that it happened.


As we work through the refining of opening spaces, we may want step back periodically to assess the positive energy we are creating. Here is where we show some love and compassion, to ourselves and others. First, recognize that any feelings of loss are inherent in letting go. Then, turn your concerns to the person who will receive the object. Envision how much joy this object will bring the next person who obtains it. Keep in mind, that when items pass to the next user, our areas begin to brighten and flow.


To eliminate any lingering regrets or desire to restock the space this additional step ensures an opening that remains clear.

Sometimes burning incense or sage helps reset or shift the energy. It taps into a different sensation; the function of smell affects our mind in an extraordinary way. It brings emotions of recognition and enhances our memory of intention.

That will reinforce the pleasant experience of using or owning the object and "playing it forward" for others.


Make it routine to observe your living or workplace. In fact, think of all your areas as sacred and deserving of special treatment.

Provide them with flowers, plants, or water features that generate positive and healthy energy that anticipates your return each day.

When applying these measures, you embark upon a dramatic step forward in the quality of your way of life.

Not exclusively for you but your entire family.

It's fascinating how factors that exist outside the logical, analytical and certainty of the mind can affect our future and success. We dwell in a wonderfully mystical world that occasionally cannot be explained. Ultimately, it is our responsibility to discover ways to improve our living environments, increase energy flow, and enhance wellness. The byproduct of our efforts exponentially expands the true charismatic spiritual strength of our being.

I hope this season you seek the comfort of mother nature's inspiration by opening your windows and your heart to fresh, dynamic, and creative energy.

For additional information in creating sacred spaces read my book "Yoga Affect: A Primer for a Beautiful Life." To assist in implementing theory into your daily life begin journaling in "Yoga Affect: A Guided Journal." Both books are available on Amazon.

To learn more about traditional forms of yoga and how to add these methods to your life please visit my website: http://www.SandZuid.com.

Sandra Zuidema is the author of the Yoga Affect Series. Yoga Affect: A Primer for a Beautiful Life and it's companion journal, Yoga Affect: A Guided Journal, both available on Amazon.com. To learn more about the series and please visit the website SandZuid.com


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