YOGA AFFECT: A Primer for a Beautiful Life is a comprehensive view of yoga. Beginning at the source, it moves through the evolution of cultural influences, including eastern religion, science, philosophy, music and art. The historical narrative not only reveals history but also effect on religion and wellness protocols used by healthcare professionals.

Cited and discussed the relevant research shows how traditional yoga systems heal physical maladies and initiate spiritual growth. The analysis of ancestral yoga presented in this way prepares our mind for a fresh viewpoint of the early systems of mindfulness and consciousness.


Of course, that is not enough to experience the healing and growth benefits of Yoga. It is necessary for each person to work so he creates a higher consciousness in his life. Therefore, everyone must interpret his individual path and purpose from his experiences and unique skillset. To assist with this next step Yoga Affect: A Guided Journal provides a proven pathway moving from intellect to experience.

How to use Yoga Affect: A Guided Journal:

Yoga Affect: A Guided Journal combines the ethics of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Self-identification tools of Indian Samkhya philosophy, and knowledge of neural pathways from modern mindfulness techniques. This step-by-step workbook walks you through twelve sessions opening the mind to meditative awareness. It shifts yoga science to an active experience of self-discovery. Because this journal is the companion to Yoga Affect: A Primer for a Beautiful Life, it is most beneficial to read the book first. Both Yoga Affect and the journal, unite different aspects of yoga science. It will bring uniformity to your practice regardless of what type of yoga you practice. 

With physical yoga in the spotlight for years, it's time for the higher aspects of spirituality and mindfulness to gain attention.

Read the book, write in the journal, and discover your story.