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I am

a real estate broker working in Naples, Florida. My lifelong practice of yoga enables me to have the best side gig: teaching and writing about yoga! The book series: Yoga Affect, Yoga Affect Journal, and this blog are the fruits of studying with wellness experts, Indian gurus, and spiritual scholars. As I studied through the years, I began to view yoga as a science rather than a mystical phenomenon. This way empowered me to think independently rather than to follow the trends.

Why I do this

Cutting through the jargon and unraveling the ancient symbolism makes yoga technology available to people who needlessly suffer, the way I did many years ago. I believe the power of our ancient ancestors is our evolutionary gift that heals and brings wellness, peace, and harmony. My mission is to share what I have learned; to pay-it-forward, helping others benefit from yoga's healing powers, regardless of any physical conditions or religious beliefs.

What I provide for you

My book and journal go beyond typical yoga classes and can easily compliment classes that feel comfortable to your body type.  Results come from a new perspective that brings vitality, self-assurance, and the capacity to grow. Consequently, you become a self-made, independent guru, instilling a consistent, progressive, spiritual journey. 

Where you can find me

During the winter I am in Naples, Florida. With over forty years of real estate experience, my affiliation with Downing-Frye Realty, Inc. fills my time when not practicing or teaching yoga. Summer means lakeside retreats to Gibraltar, Michigan, where my dogs, Lady and Nugget, rule the day's activities.  

How to reach me

I teach private lessons in Naples, Florida, and Gibraltar, Michigan. or used the form below; if you need an appointment you may Text or call my Mobile: 239-860-8077. 

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