Yoga Affect: A Primer for a Beautiful Life is the 1st book in the series where you discover how yoga works, why yoga works and how to journal. 


  • History of yoga

  • Scientific research 

  • Yoga theory   

  • Unconscious and subconscious influences

  • Source of your personality traits 

  • Ethics and morals driving success


Yoga Affect: A Guided Journal is the 2nd book in the series moving theory into growth. 

  • 12 sessions pulled from ancient yoga techniques revealing new perspective. 

  • Journaling reveals hidden thought patterns. 

  • You will  discover  truths about your past, reality of where you are now and specific keys to unfold your future. 

Science and ancient theory of streams of consciousness that links  physical, mental, and spiritual aspects.

Yoga Affect Series shows you:

  • suffering is a state of mind, that you choose.

  • how yoga works for spiritual healing. 

  • why yoga works for renewed spirituality and health.

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